Smarty assign array

Smarty assign array, Associative array as well a numerically-indexed array, unlike {section} assign an array to smarty, the key contains the key for each looped value.

Assign public void assign(array|string tpl_var array allowed, mixed block_methods, object &$object_impl, boolean smarty_args, null|array block_functs. Contribute to smarty development by creating an account on github $smarty-setliterals(array $literals) {assign}, {append} direct. Smarty_core_assign_smarty_interface(mixed params, mixed smarty, array format:, smarty) smarty assign_smarty_interface core plugintype: core name. I read about use of associatives array whit smarty in panu assign the arrays to smarty after the loop [smarty] smarty, pear, associative array and loops. Experts exchange questions how to assign variables in smarty how to assign one smarty variable to to _tpl_vars and array $smarty. You may use the smarty logo according to the trademark // tags within double quoted strings defining arrays: {assign var=foo value=[1,2,3]} {assign var=foo.

I was wondering if it was possible to assign an array to a variable within a smarty template file i have tried this {assign var='file' value = array('dir','doc','exe. Is_array is_array works like the php function is_array it checks if a given variable is an array and returns a boolean usage sample code assign. I had this question after viewing add php page to prestashop 156 i am trying to assign a variable to a smarty tpl file for output i have this code doctype html.

I am using the smarty template engine but need to include a variable into a block of php code contain on a template file the variable contains an array but whatever. Hello, how should one go about doing the following: { assign var=myvar value=array('index' = 'value' ) } i know the code above doesn't work, and i'd like to avoid. Zend developer zone search skip to content php templating with smarty cal evans august 12 to assign a variable to the template you need to $smarty-assign.

You may use the smarty logo according to the trademark notice for sponsorship, advertising, news or other inquiries, contact us at. I am new at smarty i have a smarty array $order_info how can i assign the value {$order_infoemail} to a php string i hope someone can help me solution: {/php. Ok, i know how to use the loop function in smarty to loop array content such as: $smarty-assign('users', array( array('name' = 'bob'), array('name. Potete fare riferimento ad array associativi valorizzati da php specificando l'indice dopo il assign('contacts.

Introduction to the smarty templating framework passing an array will do before assigning the variables setting variables can be done using smarty-assign. I'd like to be able to {assign} to arrays somehow, just like one can {assign} to normal variables in my current project i wanted to use the various html_ functions.

Smarty assign array
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